Work Health & Safety in Queensland


The Australian State Parliaments responded to the issue of workplace health and safety with the enactment of the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. This act provides a general framework to address the protection of the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers across Australia. The act also extends to the general public, so that no citizen’s wellbeing could be put at risk because of work activities.

Under the Work Health and Safety Act businesses are required to stay on top of incident notification, worker consultations, issue resolution and inspector powers and functions.

Our Fully Licensed Plumbing Staff


Plumber in Australia — health and safety in Gladstone, QLD
At Reef City Plumbing we unequivocally abide by the laws, regulations and codes of practice under WH&S that promise our workers and local community a safe and healthy work environment. We have our class B asbestos removal license, our card for working with children making us qualified to assist with school plumbing and are licensed for working at heights. We follow all necessary steps to obtain and remain properly licensed for the safety of all involved.

By offering comprehensive training and ensuring the hiring of only qualified employees we are able to better protect our workers and our clients. Our hires undergo intensive training and the relevant certification process before allowing any work to be done by them, lessening the risk of injury.

We’ve designed our services and hiring system from the ground up, encompassing the safe design principles set out to protect the workers of Australia. When planning this way it’s possible to design out hazards and incorporate risk control measures so that our employees and customers are protected from risk to the fullest extent possible.

Reef City Plumbing proudly holds to the standards set out by Australia to protect its citizens. We work each day to be an excellent addition to the greater Gladstone and Queensland community. Contact us today if you have more questions about our services and procedures or about working with us. We’re family owned however, we don’t limit our hires to just family.