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Just give Reef City Plumbing a call when it’s time to install or replace your plumbing fixtures. Each one of our team stays up to date on the best installation and replacement practices for all the top brands of plumbing fixtures for residential, business and industrial alike. Upgrading your toilet or getting a new and improved water softener? Our experts are ready to help.

Installations and renovations are Reef City Plumbing’s specialty. When you make an appointment with us to install or replace existing products with new ones, we will make sure your new fixtures integrate efficiently and seamlessly into your existing plumbing and sewer system. At these appointments we will evaluate your current system and answer any questions you may have about upgrades or newer fixtures. We provide quality workmanship that is done right the first time so your day is not unnecessarily interrupted and your fittings work correctly from the start.

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Installations & Replacements


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Kitchen Installation


Tap dripping? Save your sanity and your water bill!

A new kitchen tap installation will end leaks and help prevent them from occurring. The right system will work efficiently long into the future. Talk to us about installing or upgrading your kitchen taps.
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Bathroom Fixtures


Older bathroom fixtures can really date your property and keep the value down, they can also effect your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home. New bathroom taps or a new toilet installation can go a long way toward preventing leaks, floods and other plumbing issues.
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Water Heater


A new and improved water heater means instant hot water. It means nice hot showers, dishes cleaned more effectively and improved overall efficiency of your system with lower operating costs. If you’re sick of waiting for your water to heat up, it may be time to look into a new water heater.
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Hot Water Dispenser


For the tea and coffee lovers, a hot water dispenser is a must-have.

This effective dispenser gives you instant access to hot water whenever you want it, you’re never again stuck waiting for the water to boil.
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A boiler that’s underperforming is a big item to take up space in your home.

Call us about a how a new boiler can add to the overall efficiency and aesthetics of your entire home.
Water softener  - Plumbing Gladstone

Water Softener


Hard water can leave tough stains and cause scale buildup which in turn slows down your water flow and can cause damage to your pipes, taps and fixtures over the long term. We can help you by installing a new water softener.
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Appliance Setup


Let us hook up your new dishwasher, ice machine or washing machine so you can get top performance from your new appliances.
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Venting System


Making sure your combustion appliances are venting correctly is important for the safety of your loved ones, your employees, your home or business. Getting your plumbing venting system done correctly will ensure your hot water heaters, heating units and exhaust fans are venting directly and safely outdoors.
garbage disposal  - Plumbing Gladstone

Garbage Disposal


If you have problems with your current garbage disposal or are ready to have one of your own for the first time, we’re ready to get the job done for you.
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Sump Pump


A sump pump will ensure your basement is dry and mould free. Get a battery backup installed to make sure your sump pump still works in case of an issue or a loss of power.