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Home, office or industrial septic tanks or services require regular care and maintenance to ensure top-notch functioning and peak performance, which in turn reduces the possibility of health risks.

This is when the help of a professional becomes necessary to make sure your system is working properly.
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How Often Does My Septic Tank Need Maintenance?


Plumber inspecting toilet in Gladstone
The frequency of maintenance needed depends on the size of your septic tank and the number of people using the facilities. But the main cue that warns you when something isn’t quite right is when you begin to smell unpleasant odours around your toilets, sinks and drains. In one visit a plumber will be able to evaluate the complete system, identify any possible issues and solve them immediately to clear up the odour and related issues.

Even a routinely scheduled tank pumping can cause major issues if not undertaken by a professional using the right techniques and tools needed for the job. What should you expect when you hire a qualified pro to handle your septic tank? For pumping, an appointment will typically include a full evacuation of the entire tank. That sounds simple but it’s a job that’s likely to get a bit messy as septic tanks are located underground. The plumbing company will have to dig to access it, usually about 18 inches or so depending on the depth of your tank. During this process your plumber will also have to work hard to remove all the sludge that’s accumulated inside your tank since the last time it was serviced. This step goes a long way towards ensuring your tank doesn’t hit problems in the future. Finally, they will conduct a thorough inspection of the tank to make sure everything is performing as it should be and there are no other issues with your system. Detecting issues early prevents them from becoming much bigger and much more costly in the future.

Keeping sludge and solids contained in the tank can lead to possible damage to the water sources that are near your home. Plumbing professionals make sure to break down all solids and sludge so they don’t leach into the soil and effect the local environment.


Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy


Remember that proper maintenance and prevention are key to avoiding the many complications that might arise at home. Don’t wait until there is a problem to call a professional plumber, plan an annual check-up to make sure everything’s in order and to curb possible issues before they begin to effect your quality of life. At Reef City Plumbing we are Fuji Clean brand specialized and entirely ready to work with these products. As an authorised dealer of this major brand, we’re able to assist you with maintenance, installation, repairs and with your warranty. Call us today to find out more!