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Plumber repairing a leaky toilet - Plumbing Gladstone
Reef City Plumbing leads the industry with accurate, efficient and non-invasive leak detection. Our services are backed with more than 50 years of combined experience and comprehensive training in the detection of home and industrial leaks.

Leaks are a bit different from other, more major plumbing disasters because they are often much more subtle. If they’re not addressed quickly and properly they can lead to serious damage to your residential and industrial property. Let us help you locate hidden or sewer leaks early to save you money, protect your property value and reduce the risk of damage.

Too often dripping taps become something home and business owners grow accustomed to. Let our skilled technicians handle your leak and stop that tap from dripping. It’s also important to know that not all leaks are as visible or as loud as a dripping tap. Some leaks hide in hard to see areas, making them go unnoticed until they lead to serious system damage.

Our team is extensively trained in targeting leaks that happen underground, in hard to find areas or right in front of you. With our focus on working non-invasively, we maximise the efficiency of your system while minimising damage.


The Only Gladstone Plumber with Ultrasonic Leak Detection


Even better, Roof City Plumbing is the only company in Gladstone with ultrasonic leak equipment! With this equipment we are able to use a listening device to locate water which helps us to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from. We have enjoyed huge success with this product, particularly because it allows us find the leak while causing the least amount of disruption to you. With the ultrasonic detector we can dig up portions of the concrete to repair the leak rather than the entire area. This makes it far less labour intensive making it cost you far less, a win-win!

It’s possible to do a bit of checking on your own to determine whether you have a leak. You can buy a dye tablet or use food colouring, drop it into the toilet cistern. If you see colour in your toilet bowl that means it’s time to do some repairing. If you’re worried you have a flushing leak, wedge a bit of toilet paper between the toilet’s tank and bowl and flush. If the toilet paper stayed dry during the flush, that’s a good sign.

To check your taps turn them on one by one and move the handle forward and back to find signs of water around the stem of the valve and the spout. For appliances keep an eye out for water that shows up inexplicably while they’re running. Keep an eye on your walls to make sure there’s no moisture buildup, spongy texture or paint discolouration, that way you can make sure there isn’t a leak where the pipes behind your walls connect.


Gladstone Leak Detection Experts


Not comfortable poking around your complicated plumbing system on your own? Not to worry! Hire a professional to track the leak and get it repaired. Even small leaks can very easily turn into big problems, don’t waste time if you’re concerned about your plumbing. We use the most up-to-date electronic equipment to detect leaks, making sure no leak is left behind. You have our guarantee of helpful and high-quality service, no matter the problem. Call us today to find out how we can protect your residential, business or industrial plumbing from leaks and damage.