Backflow Prevention Gladstone


Plumber installing backflow prevention in Gladstone
There are a few things you can do to make sure the water supply of your home or business is protected, among these are backflow prevention. This is because backflow leaves dirty water in your pipes. At Reef City Plumbing we offer regular testing and maintenance as well as backflow repairs in case of an emergency. It’s our job to make sure your system is working as it should be and your water is protected, saving you the worry about the cleanliness of your water.

Backflow is essentially when clean, or potable water changes direction, creating a kind of suction that pulls dirty water into your clean water and mixes it up in your supply system. Dirty water is water that could contain dangerous chemicals, runoff from fertilisers and even human excrement. Wherever there is a cross-connection between potable water and its dirty cousin, there is a chance of backflow occurring. For this reason backflow prevention systems are generally required to be installed at the cross-connections of home, business and industrial water systems.

Plumbers Explain Backflow prevention


A backflow prevention device works by preventing water from flowing in the wrong direction through a series of check valves. Backflow is a particularly at risk during times of changing water pressure or other fluctuations and changes. With a correctly installed and properly maintained backflow preventer your water is kept clean and safe from harmful contaminants.

Installing a backflow preventer stops the contamination of the public water supply system. It’s important to have these systems tested annually to ensure there’s nothing dirty leaking into the potable water supply. Our licensed plumbers are ready to help you with testing, repairing and maintaining your backflow prevention system. In most areas this testing is mandatory and comes with serious repercussions if not kept current. Don’t waste your valuable time worrying about your backflow testing, let the experts take care of it for you.

For residences we can help with hot water recirculation, checking the valves and installing them. We’re also able to work with outside taps, through the installation of a backflow preventer if necessary.

For commercial premises we’re able to offer a reduction of the pressure backflow, new installation, replacement and repair services. We can also focus on individual fixtures if need be.

We’ve become the go-to backflow prevention professionals of the greater Gladstone area after years of successful work in this area. Our expertly trained team come highly recommended by our many happy customers. If you have questions about backflow or need help with your system, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with our team. We’re standing by ready and happy to help the people of Gladstone.